IO1. GENERATION AI Toolkit for teachers

The first intellectual output of the Generation AI Project consists of the “GENERATION AI Toolkit for Teachers”).

During this output, partners were engage in a review of the current Artificial intelligence practices in school education with a focus on Primary Education (PE) as a novel component to uplift STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and cultivate the digital skills of teachers and young learners. It, ends-up in the collection of 30 Best Practices on AI-based technologies for applications in primary education.

The Toolkit contains the following sections:     

  • Pedagogical Framework on AI-STEM education;
  • List of methods and approaches, strategies, software and tools for the development of students’ AI-digital skills;
  • Collection of 30 AI Best practices; software and tools; and
  • Criteria (checklist) to assess teachers’ AI-digital readiness;


For more information for the content of the Toolkit, you can visit the website here: