Kennis Net (Dutch)

This programming learning track is intended for lower, middle and upper secondary education. The learning track deals with concepts and principles associated with programming. It consists of explanations of basic programming concepts, goals and classroom activities for students.


Workshop Computational thinking

This online workshop has been developed for primary or secondary school teachers in order to introduce them to the world of logical thinking and programming – and show them that it doesn’t have to be scary or complicated, but it has also a lot of fun!

The goals after the completion of the workshop is for the teachers:

  • to know what computational thinking  entails and know the added value for you and your students
  • are familiar with key programming terms and concepts
  • are able to translate a challenge into a logical step-by-step plan
  • can apply the most important principles to arrive at a solution
  • but above all: that they can get started directly with their students with the exercises, assignments and programs provided to them!

Computational thinking teaches teachers not only to make use of all new possibilities, but also to create them themselves. Even if they don’t want to become a programmer, this will benefit them in every profession, because it teaches them to reason logically and think in a structured way, it increases their problem-solving ability, spatial insight and creativity.