Code Wise

Code Wise Visit Website CodeWise is a three-level card game (yellow, orange, and purple) that allows kids to program each other. You can start the game from the toddlers (yellow cards). CodeWise is also available as a tool within the Prowise Presenter application.

Kennis Net

Kennis Net (Dutch) Visit Website This programming learning track is intended for lower, middle and upper secondary education. The learning track deals with concepts and principles associated with programming. It consists of explanations of basic programming concepts, goals and classroom activities for students.   Workshop Computational thinking This online workshop has been developed for primary or secondary […]

Auto Thinking

Auto Thinking Visit Website AutoThinking is the first adaptive educational game developed for K12 (kindergarten to 12th grade students) that uses icons rather than syntax of programming languages, to foster skills and conceptual knowledge of computational thinking 

Code Avengers

Code Avengers Visit Website Code Avengers is an online education company designed to teach people how to code webpages, apps and games. It  offers eight different tracks, including coding languages and more related skills. It also has a feature called Hour of Code, which walks you through one-hour projects, such as creating a game, building an app, and […]


Teaching Artificial Intelligence in the Primary Classroom (2020) Visit Website This free course is presented as two related parts. In the first part, Primary School Teachers are provided with the necessary background information (core concepts and examples of AI-driven technology, history and evolution of AI, benefits, risks and ethical considerations of AI) to teach and […]

Teachable Machine

Teachable Machine Visit Website This web-based tool is an easy way to create machine learning models for your sites, apps with no coding knowledge required. The user can create their own machine learning models by gathering and grouping the examples into classes or categories that the computer will learn, then train and test the model […]

Machine Learning for Kids

Machine Learning for Kids Visit Website This free tool introduces machine learning by providing hands-on experiences for training machine learning systems and building things with them. It provides an easy-to-use guided environment for training machine learning models to recognise text, numbers, images, or sounds. It builds on existing efforts to introduce and teach coding to […]


Hopscotch Visit Website Hopscotch is coding app for iPad and iPhone. Kids ages of 10-16 use it to learn to program, make their own games, and share it with the world. The app lets kids have as much fun making games as playing them, and with its colorful, friendly interface and stacks of help and […]

Catrobat’s Pocket Code

Catrobat’s Pocket Code Visit Website Catrobat’s Pocket code is a visual programming language environment that allows the creation of games, stories, animations, and many types of other apps directly on smartphones. Catrobat project inspires teenagers and adults to learn coding, get creative and be prepared for the digital world of our future. Simple logical processes, creative […]

Game Froot

Game Froot Visit Website Game Froot is a an online cloud based platform for making 2D games using coding knowledge.  It is a platform which uses tutorials and coding activities. The best way for the teachers to use it is first to watch the tutorials and then, for teachers who are comfortable with coding (and […]