Multiplier Event in Greece: the AI-Toolkit for Primary Students

  • Can a machine learn to recognize drawings, images, gestures, sounds?
  • Can an app play our favorite songs and find new ones that we haven’t heard of, and we like them?
  • Can we “play” creatively, experimenting with Artificial Intelligence applications?

All the answers to the above questions are…  Yes, together with our students at the Primary School on Tablets (low cost, without special technical requirements), utilizing ready-made educational material, without special requirements, which were created by 5 European institutions, from the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

In the context of the completion and dissemination of the Erasmus+ projectu “Generation AI”, the relevant seminar was held for teachers at the 25th and 39th Primary School of Peristeri, as well as the 1st Primary School of Psychico, on 14 and 25 November 2022 respectively. 

Utilizing the “AI teachers’ Toolkit“, the applications in the “e-Learning Platform“, and the  work plans in the  multi-page “E-guide for Teachers Training“, we played and discussed how the   following AI applications can be integrated into lessons in the Curriculum: Quick Draw  AutoDraw, Coco Image Explorer, Bird-Sounds, Google Lens, Machine Learning for Kids.

We warmly thank for the organization and hospitality Tasos Asvestas Coordinator of Educational Work, the school directors, St. Elios Benos and Irene Spyra and all the teachers who participated in our Seminar.