Pedagogical Framework

This section provides an overview of the relevant pedagogical framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and STEAM education in EU countries. The pedagogical framework presented in this section has been compiled through extended desk research on the state-of-the-art of Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning for STEAM education in Primary Education (PE) in each country. Specifically, this section examines the different educational backgrounds and national curricula of the EU countries in order to identify possible gaps, misconceptions and common elements for the integration of AI in primary schools.

Although the revolution of AI technology is spreading rapidly, the literature review of the EU countries agrees that the integration and implementation of AI activities in primary schools is limited, not yet proposed or explored and lacks of a national agreement. Also, recent studies on digital skills within Europe but one, are scarce and/or with limited reference on AI. However, there are activities and ideas proposed for the integration of AI in schools.