Third online partner meeting

The partners had their third online project meeting on the 8th of October. During this online meeting, the partners had the chance to catch up, discuss the progress of the project and define and divide the remaining tasks.

During the project meeting, it became clear that the project is following the proposed timeline from the proposal. The project is still on schedule. The GENERATION AI Toolkit has been uploaded to the project’s website. All partners have been working on their workshops for the Professional Development Training scheduled in December. During the meeting, all partners presented their workshops to receive feedback from other partners.

As the partners are now finalizing the preparation for the Professional Development Training, they also took time to look at the next Intellectual Output: the pilot phase. Our partners from Fundacion Siglo22 introduced this Intellectual Output and presented a general outline of the content and a timeline to which all partners agreed.

Overall, it was once again a very productive meeting with a lot of enthusiasm from all partners!