The Rural Hub has delivered our online piloting as part of the transnational training event

The Rural Hub hosted a workshop on Communication and Collaboration using AI, as part of the transnational continuing professional development programme foreseen as part of the Generation-AI Erasmus+ project. This workshop was facilitated as a virtual event in December 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure that teachers who attended the virtual training could get an overview of the full programme developed by the Generation-AI partners, The Rural Hub facilitated a workshop on our module topic: Communication and Collaboration.

To facilitate this workshop, trainers from The Rural Hub put together a 28-slide PowerPoint presentation, which was used as a prompt for the full workshop on this module of Communication and Collaboration. The objective of this module was to present to teachers some theory and strategies for how communication and collaboration can be enhanced and support through artificial intelligence (AI); and, to support teachers to see how they could bring some AI tools and strategies into their teaching practice. Overall, this workshop was positively evaluated, and we enjoyed the opportunity to present our materials to this group of teachers in a transnational environment.