School Program for Primary Education Students - Pilots in Spain

Last Thursday 29th of September 2022 the pilots for IO3: School Program for Primary Education Students took place in Spain. 

The piloting phase was held in a school from Madrid: Ciudad Educativa Municipal Hipatia FUHEM. This school is located in a town outside the city center and is a very big facility.

Around 100 students participated in the pilots in four different classes. These students are around 10 or 11 years old and are matriculated in fifth grade of primary education. 

Four teachers were also involved in the piloting phase of this result of Generation AI project. They checked the platform, the lesson plans and gave feedback about the content, the quality, and the feasibility of the project. 

Overall, both the students and the teachers provided very good feedback, rating all the questions with the maximum value: very good and excellent. 

They also asked to have more sessions like this one and to participate in other phases of the project.