Ready to pilot test the “responsible use” lesson plan

The University of Groningen is preparing the pilot phase of the lesson plan “Can AI harm us?” for the basic level and “is AI always ethical?” for the advanced level. 

The partners from the University of Groningen are collaborating with three teachers from two different schools in the Netherlands. One in the north of the country and one in the south. Combined, the teachers have more than 70 students in their classrooms ranging from six to twelve years old.

Our partners prepared the teachers by sharing all the learning materials, including the slides for the learning activity and the challenge, and the teacher handbook. Teachers have had the opportunity to go through the materials and ask questions where needed.

In the upcoming weeks, the teachers will implement the lesson plan on their own. Once they are ready, our partners from the University of Groningen will visit the schools to collect some data via a survey and interviews with both students and teachers.

This pilot study will help us understand if the lesson plan is appropriate for the target groups, and also shows us if it is easy to implement for the teachers. With feedback from both students and teachers, we will be able to improve the lesson plans where needed.

In a few weeks, the results of this pilot phase will be shared!