Program Professional Development Training

The program for our Professional Development Training on ‘Integrating AI in the classroom’ is finalized. The 3-day online event will start with an introductory lecture on Education and AI. Followed by an engaging conversation on AI and Ethics.

On the second day, four workshops are organized that approach AI from a different perspective and team. During the workshop, practical examples, tools, and best practices will be central, giving participants concrete ideas on how to integrate AI in the classroom.

The final day of the event will be all about co-designing lesson plans. All participants are invited to take part in a co-designing process, where they will collaborate with other teachers and come up with their own ideas for lesson plans in their classrooms. Using the tools, examples, and best practices seen in the workshops, they can start building their own lessons with help of our partners.

By participating in this training, you are not only learning more about AI and how to integrate it during your work. But you are also giving our consortium input for the lesson plans that we will develop in the next stage of the project. Ideas from the co-designing workshop will be developed into different learning scenarios that may form the base for the lesson plans!

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