Professional Development for Teachers on AI-STEM education

Professional Development for Teachers on AI-STEM education

The free Online Teacher Training on ‘Integrating AI in the classroom’ is part of the two-year European project entitled ‘Generation AI: Teaching kids about Artificial Intelligence’, which is co-funded by the European Union. A total of six partners from the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Ireland, came together to design and implement this training. 

The purpose of the online training ‘Integrating AI in the classroom’ is to support teachers in constructing knowledge and skills needed to integrate AI in primary schools. The training will take place from Decembe

Day 1 | The first day of the training will focus on knowledge construction (e.g., what is AI?, what are ethical issues around AI?).

Day 2 | The second day focuses on skills development for which four workshops on different themes of AI applications suited for the classroom are given (e.g., pedagogies and curriculum, programming, communication and collaborating, accessibility and inclusivity).

Day 3 | The third day the training will end with a co-designing workshop on AI primary school curriculum.