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Type of Best Practice

PD/ Training Programme

Description of the methods/ approach

First of all, it is important that teachers explain their students about the different possibilities that this gadget offers. It could be advisable that teachers give a short presentation explaining the different color codes, and facilitate their students with a copy of these commands based on colors. An example could be done in front of all students so that they know how it works. After that, they will work in small groups and they will draw their own roads and include different color codes.


The aim of the lesson is that students learn how to program small devices to move, using different basic command based on colors.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness

Teachers can check their students’ progress by walking around the class and checking if all groups are following the instructions and if all members of the groups are participating.
By checking their students’ progress, teachers could propose more complicated alternatives for those students who finish the activities.
If questions or doubts are recurrent, a general explanation can be given to all the class.

Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

Students will learn how to program small devices

They will learn how to assign movement to these devices using simple commands based on colors.