Microsoft’s Presentation Translator

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Topic/ Area

Education Accessibility

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Date released


Type of Best Practice

Online Tool 

Partners/ network

a) Name: Microsoft

b) Country: USA 

c) Purpose: Language Acquisition to use artificial intelligence in the classroom to further accessibility and inclusion in learning environments. 

Description of the methods/ approach

This approach to learning in the classroom offers students the opportunity to gain visual representation of their lesson given by their teacher. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence in the classroom through Presentation Translator, teachers can follow a more accessible approach to learning content by providing students with ways to ensure that everybody has access to technology that can help them with their learning. Presentation Translator is a free plugin that creates instantaneous subtitles for what the teacher says and displays them below the presentation.


The purpose of this online tool is to deliver a more accessible approach through learning for students. In doing this, Presentation Translator provides both teachers and students with a tool that facilitates learning and can work to engage students that require visual representations in order to retain information. It also provides a service that provides students with the option to read subtitles in their own native language which can further student engagement. Not only is this practice a great way to interact with students, but it also provides accessibility options for students who have learning difficulties or disabilities.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of this online tool.

Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

This online tool can provide students with an insight into the technology behind artificial intelligence and how this online tool can facilitate learning for everyone. Utilizing this method in the classroom can encourage students to think about the power behind machine learning and AI driven features of technology.