High Tech Kids – Training Programme

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Topic/ Area


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Date released


Type of Best Practice

PD/ Training Programme

Partners/ network

a) Name: Ann Kinsella 

b) Country: Ireland 

c) Purpose: To teach students about coding and to develop computational skills. 

Description of the methods/ approach

This programme provides training courses held during the week for primary school students. Lessons are also taught online, facilitated through video call.  


High Tech Kids is a training course for primary school children which provides computer and technology education. The aim of High Tech Kids is to introduce young students to subjects such as coding, app development, HTML, movie making and G-Suite to develop their digital skills. In developing their digital skills, young learners are also introduced to the concept of safely navigating digital technologies and the online world. This is a key skill for learners who find themselves immersed in digital technologies throughout their every day. 

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness

There are no conclusive results of this project’s effectiveness. However, students attending the training courses upskilled dramatically in their digital competencies which prepares them for college, university and/or the workplace.

Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

Through this training course, young students are offered opportunities to develop their digital skills and learn about computational thinking. By introducing students to these topics, they can become creators of technology, rather than consumers.