Generation AI’s Doukas School pilot testing of the lesson plans

The Generation AI project strives to support young learners in developing a basic understanding of Artificial intelligence and in becoming responsible consumers of this modern technology. To reach this goal, the Generation AI consortium designed curriculum for primary schools in which significant issues and topics of AI are discussed.

The curriculum was co-created, using input from teachers obtained during the Professional Development event, organized by the Generation AI project in December 2021. In total, two curricula have been designed. One targeted at ages 6-8 (basic) and the other at ages ranging from 9-12 (advanced). To test the usability and feasibility of the curriculum design, this pilot study was designed to test the lesson plan from both the basic as the advanced curricula.

The learning activities with problem-based task consists of a guided activity that aims to help students come up with a reflection about questions/problem proposed. This question/problem aim to give learners the opportunity to know how AI can affect their daily lives in a simple and ludic way.

Based on the results and findings shared in the previous section, we formulated the following conclusions: 

  • The lesson plan may be readily included into the existing Greek national curriculum and is simple to utilize.
  • The lesson plan’s content is of high quality.
  • The lesson plan’s graphics are of a high quality.
  • The lesson plan aids teachers in implementing AI in their classrooms, as well as helping students build a fundamental grasp of AI.
  • Students were really motivated to work on the challenges and were highly engaged with all the learning activities.
  • Both instructors and students expressed a desire to continue utilizing the AI lesson and learn more about it.

The overall conclusion of this pilot study is that the current design of the lesson plan works, both for teachers and for students. The lesson plan was easy to implement, students were highly engaged, and both teachers and students learned more about AI.

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