Evaluation Professional Development training

Last week our online Professional Development training on ‘Integrating AI in the classroom’ took place. We had 75 participants joining us online from various countries in Europe and even a few from Asia!

The first day of the project was dedicated to introducing all the participants to digital education and Artificial Intelligence. Our partners from the University of Groningen gave two engaging and interactive presentations on AI. Introducing participants to the term, real-life examples, and machine learning. Afterward, participants were asked to think about the ethics of AI and were encouraged to create their own opinions on what AI can and can not do for education. After the first day, participants reported that they developed a better understanding of what AI is.

The second day was all about the workshops. Our partners from CARDET, Doukas School, the Rural Hub, and Fundacion Siglo22, all gave a workshop on AI, including lots of best practices, examples, and useful tools. Each workshop had its own theme, for example ‘Curriculum Development’ or ‘communication’. After the second day, the participants reported having learned various new tools, which they would like to integrate into their own classrooms. Moreover, they appreciated all the practical examples of AI in the classroom and how to use them in an inclusive environment.

The final day of the training was used to put theory into practice. Participants were asked to participate in a co-designing process. In small groups, divided by language, participants came up with their own ideas for topics and tools, that can be used to teach about AI in the classroom. This activity went well, and participants reported appreciating the opportunity of getting to know other people and hearing about teaching practices from other countries too.

In short, we look back on successful training. We would like to thank all the participants for their presence, and for their constructive feedback, which will be used for future training events.