Doukas School’s Generation AI Workshop

The workshop aims mainly to trigger primary school educators’ interest regarding the operational implications of AI techniques related to computational thinking

The structure of the workshop contains the following three main units:

  1. Computational Thinking Skills
  2. Practices of AI Practices
  3. Coding-Programming using Machine Learning & AI Methods


Especially Computational Thinking Skills are based on:

  • Algorithmic Thinking and Programming
  • Core Programming Skills
  • Program Development Cycle


The workshop’s learning approach is based on interactive and experiential activities to narrating the multiple aspects of AI.

Goals and Objectives

How we can effectively (for our application or for our robot):

  • use basic programming structures to develop a program 
  • classify or distinguish between routes and different categories of surfaces
  • solve complex mazes
  • navigate through complex maps
  • play games including AI techniques
  • use computer vision


What are computational thinking and programming skills needed?

How do these relate to Machine Learning and AI-supported systems?

The autonomous decisions made by AI are more advanced than simple automation of a task (performed a prescribed sequence of steps), which even non-AI robots and software are frequently used.

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