De nationale AI cursus JUNIOR

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Topic/ Area

Artificial Intelligence

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Date released

September 4, 2019

Type of Best Practice


Partners/ network

Jenya Krul and Ronilla Snellen from
Stichting FutureNL
The Netherlands

Made possible by:
De nationale AI cursus, initiative of
AI for GOOD,
RMMBR to learn,
Innovative Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI).
The Netherlands

Description of the methods/ approach

The curriculum is based on the national AI course available online. The curriculum contains five lessons that are freely accessible on the internet. Each lesson takes about an hour and comes with a teacher guide and a worksheet for the students.

Each lesson discusses a question regarding AI, like: what is AI, how do machines learn, what are the applications, et cetera.

The curriculum is designed to fit the existing learning guidelines regarding digital skills and 21st century skills.


The national AI course was set up to teach as many people possible more about AI. The aim of this curriculum is to help educators implement these lessons in their teaching in an easy way. After following the curriculum young learners have developed a basic understanding of what AI is about, how it works and what kind of applications are possible and already exist.


Available languages


Additional notes

CC: Everyone can download and use the curriculum when it is not for commercial purposes. CC: BY-NC-ND 4.0.

This best practice focus on the curriculum that teachers can use. However, there is also an online course ‘de nationale AI cursus junior’ that young learners can do on their own. Moreover, there is also an ‘adult’ version, called: ‘De Nationale AI cursus’, which is available in Dutch, English and Flemish.