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Topic/ Area

Artificial Intelligence Upskilling

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Date released


Type of Best Practice

Online e-Platform

Partners/ network

a) Name: Stefania Druga

b) Country: USA 

c) Purpose: Providing learning materials on an e-platform for students for building games, programming robots and training AI models.

Description of the methods/ approach

This e-platform has the power to transform pedagogic practices throughout Irish classrooms. This platform, which uses artificial intelligence, teaches young students to build games, programme robots and train their own AI models. This technology would contribute to enhancing learning in the classroom by building digital competences and computational thinking through an online interactive platform. This practice would not replace the teaching methods of the teacher but rather, it would augment the learning experience for the students, so that they are motivated and engaged with the learning materials presented. 


The aim of this platforms is to offer personalised teaching methods by providing classrooms with content that focuses on ICT skills and the application of artificial intelligence. The aim of integrating this technology into the classroom would be to engage students with digital technologies and also to supplement course materials and encourage students to learn through interaction. It would also provide students with the opportunity to understand how machines, artificial intelligence and technology works which can aid in their understanding and precaution of using it. It is important that students are aware of the manipulations of AI technology and know how to recognise signs of it.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness

There are no conclusive results currently. However, approximately 65% of students are visual learners. Through this e-platform, students are exposed to learning through interaction and visual representation which can further memory retention and improve student engagement.

Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

Through using this platform, students will immerse themselves in digital technology, upskilling with materials that they can interact and engage with. Instead of simplifying information, this e-platform can make AI-STEM information understandable and accessible for learners of all ages and grades. Through this, students can learn through digital technologies which can enhance their competences in this field.