Pictionary with AutoDraw

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Topic/ Area

Artificial Intelligence

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Date released


Type of Best Practice

Online Tools, Applications or Platform

Description of the methods/ approach

In this activity, students will be shown AutoDraw, an online tool that allows you to draw different objects while it tries to guess what you’re drawing. First of all, the teacher will explain to the class what artificial intelligence is and what Autodraw consists of, likening it to text predictors. Then, in groups of three or four, they’ll play to trios, they will test the tool playing Pictionary. One person on the team draws and the others try to guess what he or she is painting. The tool is predicting what he/she is going to draw at the same time, whoever guesses first what the drawing consists of wins. The drawings will be of simple objects such as a plant, a chair, animals… Once they have done so, the class will gather in a circle and discuss their theories about how this system works.


The aim of this activity is to show students one application of the Artificial intelligence in the class. Students are more used to program, so this tool will show them how Arts and AI can be combined.
At the same time, they’ll be able to compete against the machine in an easy game.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness

We will be able to evaluate the impact of the activity when students share their experience playing Pictionary in Autodraw. Each group will have the results of who got the picture right first, them or the machine, and will discuss why. This can show the teacher whether the different concepts related to artificial intelligence have been assimilated.

Overview of the lessons learned which are relevant to the project

Introduction to STEAM, how to combine art with artificial intelligence