AI4K12: K-12 AI Guidelines

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Topic/ Area

K-12 AI Guidelines

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Date released

May 28, 2020

Type of Best Practice


Partners/ network

AI4K12, initiated by AAI en CSTA.
Funded by National Science Foundatation ITEST Porgram and Carnegie Mellon University.

Description of the methods/ approach

This best practice provide a list with K-12 guidelines for AI teaching. The project AI4K12 represents five ‘Big Ideas’ that AI teaching should focus on: i) perception, ii) representation and reasoning, iii) learning, iv) natural interaction and v) social impact. The guidelines are available for ideas (i) and (iii). The guidelines serve as a framework to assist curriculum developers.


The aim of the guidelines is to support curriculum developers with the development of appropriate K-12 AI teaching materials.

Evaluation (results) of its effectiveness

Although no published evaluation studies exist, there are a lot of reports in the media, or videos and panel discussion during conferences et cetera, see:


Additional notes

The developers ask for feedback from any user of the guidelines and update their guidelines accordingly.

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