Generation AI Final Project Meeting: 1 & 2 September 2022

The last transnational “Generation AI: Teaching kids about Artificial Intelligence” project meeting took place at Doukas School in Athens, Greece, on the 1st and 2nd September 2022. In this meeting, all partners discussed thoroughly the last tasks before the end of the project. The subjects of the meetings were the following.

The partners presented the results and the feedback from the pilot implementation of IO3 and discussed the organization of the final tasks and the deadlines for the finalization of the curriculum. Furthermore, they discussed the updates on IO4 with the presentation of the e-Learning platform in its current state and the distribution of final tasks and deadlines for the output.

Also, the partners agreed on the update of project’s dissemination and on the organization of the forthcoming Multiplier Events which will be held during the next months. Lastly the partners shared the updated half year reports (e.g., time sheets, expenditures) and started the preparation for submission of the final report.

This last project meeting was fruitful and all partners made wishes for future collaboration.