School programme implementation

The IO3 pilot implementation phase in Cyprus was completed during May with 28 students and 2 teachers participating. The first lesson plan (basic) was piloted on the 4th of May and the implementation phase was completed on both the 13th and 26th of May 2022. Then, the second lesson plan (advanced) followed, having its pilot phase on the 3rd of May and the implementation phase on both the 27th of May and the 8th of June. Both teachers received training and attended workshops on AI in education in advance. During the implementation phase, both teachers and students were surveyed, having teachers being interviewed upon the completion of the lessons.

From students’ responses it was highlighted that students overall enjoyed the lessons and reported that they have learned how AI can support them in their everyday routine. Additionally, they have found the resources of the lessons very interesting (highest percentage was the games element) and mentioned that they will recommend them to their peers.

Teachers’ overall responses illustrate that the Generation AI Lesson plans are useful and helped them develop their PD by improving their AI – knowledge. They also rated the quality of learning activities, the challenges and games as excellent components of the AI lesson plans. Finally, they would recommend the Generation AI School program to other primary education teachers and would be happy to share the learning material to their network.

Photos from Lesson Plan 1
Photos from Lesson Plan 2